Way Way Off-Broadway Educational Programs


In a lot of ways, the theatre is just as much a classroom as it is an entertainment venue.  Performers and artists of all ages in inevitably changed when they are involved in theatre, and the lessons they learn along the way are valuable both in future theatre endeavors as well as everyday life! In fact, research has overwhelmingly proven that children who learn in an environment that grows and encourages their artistic skills through music, dance, and theatre are better prepared for higher-level studies and successful careers later in life.


As part of our Mission and continued commitment to the community we work in, Way Way Off-Broadway is proud to offer several educational opportunities for both adults and children throughout the year.  From classes to workshops, there are plenty of ways to learn about theatre and enhance your art through WWOB Educational Programs.


Theatre and Performing Classes


Always wanted to learn to tap dance? Need advice on how to prepare for an audition?  Throughout the year, Way Way Off-Broadway will host several classes covering a wide-range of theatre skills – including dance, acting, improv, and much more! More information will be AVAILABLE SOON.